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The Tale of the Fallen Eggs

The Tale of the Summer Fair


"Another exciting adventure is coming to Brook Meadow"


The Tale of the Fallen Eggs


Beautifully written and illustrated.

What a great story combining a love of nature and the outdoors with meaningful messages. 

29th September 2019

Mike House

The Tale of the Fallen Eggs


One of the loveliest books a parent could buy for young children, easy to read, elegantly illustrated, and capturing completely the importance of caring for each other.

A lesson well taught for life!

 29th October 2019

Margaret Grant

The Tale of the Fallen Eggs


The Tale of the Fallen Eggs is a wonderful nature story told with compassion and appreciation for nature, much like Gene Stratton-Porter. Each meadow creature is introduced with care, describing their different attributes. But, first and foremost, is the responsibility each creature bears for one another. This is a story of collaboration, caring, and respect for each other, regardless of their differences. When living creatures of nature can come together to help one another, they share a valuable message to the human world about being a caring creature. The plot develops with precision, accompanied by charming sketches of the natural meadow environment and its living creatures. This is the first book in a series and I’m sure young readers will be fascinated to read more and learn about the natural world around them.

11th February 2020

Emily-Jane Hills Orford