About The Author

Kevin's debut book series - Tales from Brook Meadow - grew out of a lifelong passion for the environment and desire to teach others the importance of respecting the world around us.

Kevin's love of the outdoors started as a small child in southern England, where he would regularly fish and bird watch with his father. This interest in nature evolved during Kevin's teenage years when bushwalking and camping became an integral part of his life, which he carried into adulthood to become a bushcraft and wilderness skills instructor.

Tales from Brook Meadow began as bedtime stories to help share his passion for the wilderness with his children; different with each re-telling and cherished by all - children and adults alike!

Kevin moved to Australia in 2008 and embarked on a journey of discovery, where he became entranced by the Australian bush and outback. Fast forward ten years and you find a man who is still reading bedtime stories about Brook Meadow to children, only now they are his grandchildren. The joy and rapture on the children's faces hadn't changed over the years and it was this realisation that prompted Kevin to finally source a publisher and share the Tales from Brook Meadow with a wider audience.

2019 has become the year of launching new projects for Kevin - along with Tales from Brook Meadow, Kevin has also started Nomad Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills, as a vehicle to teach others wilderness skills but also to share his deeply held respect for the environment. 

Caroline Hazell, Illustrator

Since the age of seven, Caroline spent her Saturday mornings sketching with her mum at the dining room table. A portrait artist herself, she taught Caroline blending and shading and introduced her to a variety of mediums and techniques that were well beyond her years.

Caroline has been drawing ever since but only decided to make it into her career later on in life when she had her first child. She started a company teaching arts and crafts to children and would still continue to paint portraits on the side for a small number of clients.

Over the last 11 years, Caroline has sculpted as a Lifecaster and taught herself the art of resin, but most importantly, she has honed her skills and settled primarily on watercolour as her preferred medium - its whimsical effect is a perfect fit to her delicate style of painting.

These days she predominantly paints portraits, mostly pets, and wildlife, which allows her to raise funds for animal rescue charities. When she's not painting, you'll find Caroline walking her beloved greyhounds on the beach or body boarding with her sons.

You can find her portfolio on Instagram and Facebook @perthlifecasting, or her website www.perthlifecasting.com